Online Poker Is Your Worst Enemy. Ways To Defeat It

The betting round ends when all opponents have made equal bets or discarded their cards. Then the game goes into the next phase of the game – the flop, turn, river or opening the cards.

If one of the opponents (let’s call him Player A) 먹튀검증업체 a bet and his bet was increased by another opponent (let’s call him Player B), then Player A in this round of betting will have one more opportunity to take an action: discard cards, clear the bet or raise again .

If one of the players on one of the streets has less money than the opponent’s bet, then it is considered that he went all-in (from the English All-in – all-in). In this case, two banks are created – the main and the third-party. Both banks are played separately from each other between those players who participated in their formation.

Example: Player A flops $ 10, Player B and Player B flop $ 15. Flop pot = $ 20. Player B bets $ 15 and receives a call from Player B. If Player A also calls this bet, then there will be 2 banks: main = money that was already in the pot + players’ bets within the money of the player with the least amount of money: in our case, the Player And those. $ 20 + $ 10 (Player A) + $ 10 (Player B) + $ 10 (Player C) = $ 50.

An additional bank is formed from the difference between all rates and the main bank, i.e. additional bank (side bank) = money, which were already in the pot + players’ bets – the main bank. In our case = $ 20 + $ 15 + $ 15 + $ 10 – $ 50 = $ 60 – $ 50 = $ 10.

Player A will only qualify for the main bank (i.e., he invested money only in it), and Player B and Player C – for the main bank and additional bank. First, an additional bank is played between Player B and Player B, and then the main bank between Player A, Player B and Player B.

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