Inside the Fight for Rubbish Removal and Clearabee Efforts

Inside the Fight for Rubbish Removal and Clearabee Efforts

We all have a lot of things that we use daily and afterward get rid of them by disposing of them in the garbage. Unfortunately, as we throw old items and package new ones, we leave behind piles of waste. The reduction of solid waste reduces the amount of waste going into landfills.

Among the most common methods of reducing landfill waste are reducing, reusing, and recycling. Landfill waste poses a considerable challenge because of its environmental and economic impact. Used clothes are among the most significant contributors to landfills today. We pick the clothes that are no longer needed and dispose of them to the garbage, and then to the landfill.

Rubbish Removal Companies

Various companies are dealing with rubbish removal for a better environment. An example is Clearabee that has the highest rated rubbish removal solution, that is, Man & Van service. They offer options for same day collection as well as flexible and affordable prices. It is the largest company offering man and van style clearance and operates with its in-house removal teams. This company is an example of how we should all aim to reduce the solid wastes that we throw away. Just contact them, and they will collect your waste at your suggested time.

Other Ways of Reducing Clothing Wastes

Textile and Clothing Recycling

Even with companies such as Clearabee helping with rubbish removal, individuals need to make efforts to reduce the amount of clothing going in the landfills. Textile and clothing recycling is one of the ways that could reduce the disposal of used clothes into landfills. The main advantage of this particular method is that it avoids pollution and the use of more energy when producing new clothes. 80% of discarded textiles around the globe are doomed for the landfill or incineration, with only 20% being recycled or reused. Instead of disposing of the old and unwanted clothes, take them to a textile and clothing recycling company.


According to Clothes Aid, the UK could save about three billion Euros annually from the value of the resources used in making and cleaning clothes if the citizens changed the way they supply, use, and dispose of clothing. This would minimize water, carbon, and clothing consumption waste footprints by at least 20% each. There are online blogs that will help you to turn old clothes into something new and fresh. You could also use the worn-out clothes for other purposes like household cleaning.

Donating or Selling

Above sixty percent of homeowners in the UK have stored unwanted textiles and clothes in their homes. The way to reduce these garbage clothes is giving them to those in need or Goodwill stores. Better still, you could hold a sale for the clothes you no longer need (could be online), as long as they are wearable. Additionally, avoid buying many casual garments as this will later translate to more garbage.

Swapping and Exchange

As the saying goes, one person’s garbage is another one’s treasure. According to statistics, 350000 tonnes worth about 140 million Euros of clothing that has been used but still in good condition goes to landfill annually. This challenge could be reduced by creating a clothing exchange among your friends where you swap and share your clothes. Make a party where each brings the clothes they no longer want, then trade with others, and in this way, you will not incur any cost, and you will not add anything to the landfill


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